superlativ. På engelska heter de positive, comparative och superlative. faint svag, fainter svagare, faintest svagst. fair rättvis, fairer rättvisare, fairest rättvisast.


Ex.: and, duck, pi. dnder; lang, long, comparative langre; bok, book, pi. backer; ung, fair. u like y in a few French words: juste (shyst), just, These exceptions are 

These are often measurements, such as height, weight, depth, distance, etc., but they don’t have to be. We can also use comparative adjectives to … "Than" is usually used after the comparative adjective. -er is added to the end of a 1-syllable adjective. cold - colder - The winter is cold er than the summer. small - smaller - The green hat is small er than the yellow hat. tall - taller - Most basketball players are tall er than me.

Fair comparative adjectives

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Often, the comparative adjective is followed by "than". Look at these examples: John is 1m80. He is tall. But Chris is 1m85. He is taller than John. America is big.

Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair health·y /ˈhelTHē/ adjective adjective: healthy; comparative adjective: healthier; superlative adjective: healthiest in good 

Show declension of ylimääräinen. ylimääräinen (comparative ylimääräisempi, superlative ylimääräisin) (Adjective) Declension of ylimääräinen (type (henkilöstön määrä) Rättvisande bild (oikea ja riittävä kuva, true and fair view, kallas även  aspect in her essay, a comparative analysis of two recent biographies of Strindberg, an cover, and who may have added the adjective «queer» to stir up a little extra Fagervik (in English “Fairhaven” or literally “Fair-bay”); 3) the scene.

Changes made to ordinary adjectives to form comparative adjectives: One-syllable adjectives. 1- Adjectives of one syllable that finish with “e”: we add “ r ” to the end of the adjective. wise > wise r; strange > strange r; close > close r

small - smaller - The green hat is small er than the yellow hat. If an adjective ends in a consonant and –y, we change –y to –i and add –er or –est: happy. happier.

על ידי Zalkas. G5 English ADJECTIVES: comparative (3) בטל את הערבוב. על ידי Zalkas.
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Fair comparative adjectives

big, adj, bras; broas (RLC); big dipper (fairground), n,  av M Thurston · 1970 — "vara" and "gtra". Adjective - comparative, superlative se4ences from the conversation and.not as isolated words. Vad ar det fair dag'idag?

ID: 191093 Language: English School subject: English as a Second Language (ESL) Grade/level: Grade 3 Age: 7-15 The endings for the comparison in the comparative and superlative are er/sten.
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Ganska translated from Swedish to English including synonyms, definitions, and related words. fair · relatively adv. relative adj. comparative adj. fairly adv.

Comparatives Adjectives Worksheet – Fill In The Blanks · doc  Descriptive, Comparative, Superlative, and Equative Forms. EXERCISE 1: EXERCISE 2: Comparative Adjectives. Write the Brian is a fair cook. Betty is a  'The' is always used in superlative degree and the adjective 'greatest' is also in Comparative degree: The Nobel Prize is greater than most other honours in  17 Apr 2015 Comparing with 'as … as' a) We use 'as … as' with an adverb or an adjective to make an equal or b) My sister is not as fair-haired as I am. 11. apparently good or valuable, but really false: fair words.

Adjective: Comparative: Superlative: dark: darker: darkest: deadly: deadlier: deadliest: deep: deeper: deepest: dense: denser: densest: dirty: dirtier: dirtiest: dry: drier: driest: dull: duller: dullest: dumb: dumber: dumbest: dusty: dustier: dustiest: early: earlier: earliest: easy: easier: easiest: faint: fainter: faintest: fair: fairer: fairest: fancy: fancier: fanciest

Comparisons 2. by PROFTEACH.

The declension of the adjective fair uses these forms of the comparison fair,fairer, am fairsten. The endings for the comparison in the comparative and superlative  a great deal, a good deal, a good bit, a fair bit We make comparative and superlative adverbs using the same rules as for comparative and superlative  16 Jul 2016 students (52.5%) and a few numbers of students were in the fair 10(25%) with the .